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Poems by Deborah Bell

The world doesn't seem to understand the importance of absolute truth anymore. But the Bible tells us that truth will set us free.
When you look closely at the things God created, you can get a glimpseof Him in each and every thing.
THE TEACHER winner of poetry contest
So many times we face some very bitter trials and wonder how we willever make it through. But, if we put our full trust in God, He will turn the trial into triumph.
Don't let life drag you down. Let God lift you up!
Sound The Alarm
A wake up call. Jesus is coming soon.
No Greater Love
To be able to offer up your only begotten son as a sacrifice to pay the price for someone else's sins shows a love that is greater than any other love. This sacrifice covered it all and there is no more ever required.
The Good News
The "Good News" of the gospel speaks louder than the noise of the world.
What Grandchildren Do
There's nothing like grandchildren!
The Lord God Almighty
Sometimes God has to shake wake us.
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