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Poems by Debra Brent

Mirror, Mirror
True beauty lies not in the eye of the beholder, but in that of our Creator.
Chronic Dissonance
The battle between living in this world and living for His world.
The Purpose
A poem about finding purpose in the pain.
I Believe
Anything is possible, if you let go, you let God and believe.
God is Love
No matter one's past, you can be saved because God is Love.
That Time of Year
How reflection of sin can turn to redirection within.
My One Christmas Wish winner of poetry contest
I miss my dad a great deal during the holiday season. If I could bring him back to life alongside the innocence of childhood, this would be My One Christmas Wish.
The Battle Within winner of poetry contest
A war waged of Satan, won solely by faith.
Petals of Pain
The healing power of God's saving grace.
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