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Poems by Dennis Donald

Crackpots. 2 Corinthians Ch 4 v. 7. finalist in poetry contest
God chooses and uses us, complete with our imperfections!

The Pottery. Jeremiah Ch. 18. finalist in poetry contest
A startling lesson learned at the potter's workshop. How God alerts us when He wants to speak, then uses such ordinary situations and brings them alive.

The Wedding At Cana. John Ch 2.
An astonished member of the bridal party watches events unfold at the wedding.

The Word Became Flesh. John Ch. 1 v. 14
An attempt to penetrate the trivialities, and reach the heart of Christmas.

'Lord, teach us to pray'. Luke Ch. 11. finalist in poetry contest
Jesus taught his disciples that prayer involves becoming identified with the needs we bring to God. 'Their' problem thus becomes 'my' problem. Only when we find that place of true empathy can we truly pray.

Martha In Bethany finalist in poetry contest
Martha's thoughts, anxieties and confusion as Jesus comes to her home. Forgive the coined word, 'fustling', it just seemed to fit!

Thin Ice In Egypt
The words of an Egyptian during the 'years of plenty'. Genesis Ch 41.