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Poems by Don Sicklesteel

We sometimes become overwhelmed with all the things that come our way. We need to remember there are reasons for everything that comes our way.

Step by Step
Sometimes we get discouraged and stressed when we run ahead of God with our plans and dreams. May this poem help give us confidence in the plans that the Lord has for us.

The finer things first in poetry contest
There are times when God allows very special friends into our lives for a time. When this happens, our lives will never be the same, and we feel blessed beyond measure. I hope to capture that moment with deep appreciation.

The Wedding
There is a turning point in life when your little girl grows up and gets married, that only Dads understand.

The Treehouse
As parents, we sometimes wonder if our kids will ever grow up. Later on, we find those days bring back many fond memories. May you recall some of those memories in this poem.