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Poems by Donna Hendrix

A Heart of Peace
With the constant deluge of media posts about ebola, ISIS, school shootings; many people are panicked, but a Christian should have a heart of peace.

God Will Endure
God will endure through all of life's journeys, no matter how joyful, sad, or difficult they journeys may be!

We lost a young firefighter in our community last week, and this poem was written to help heal our community and his family.

The Thorn
We all have thorns in the flesh at times. Some are relieved and some remain with us. I believe those thorns are there to help us focus on God and to remind us of his love, provision and strength. I praise God in the good times and the bad.

When my last child went to college and my husband died just a few short months later, I had an identity crisis. I have come to realize that my identity never changed, but my roles did. I am a child of God and my identity lies in Christ.

We all have hobbies and families and pets we love to talk about, but where does God fit into our conversations. What could be a more important and more exciting subject than talking about the creator of the world who gives us salvation?

A Mighty God
Wow! What a mighty God we serve; so pure, so righteous, and so lovingly merciful. None of us is worthyenough to call on His name, but He loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die and cover our life of sin and shame.

Faith in God will carry you through all the circumstances of life. Let go and let God!!!

This Day
Every day is a gift from God that we should welcome with gladness. Even if some things aren't going our way;we can be happy and contented knowing that God is with us every step of the way!!!