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Poems by Edward Nickerson

Facing My Jesus
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you would have met the Lord Jesus from the time of His resurrection until He went back to the Father? I penned what my thoughts were,, as I tried to think, what it might be like.

“I Beseech You Lord”
As I thought on that verse Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore brethren," and I did some research into those key words, I found that I fell short in doing what is “reasonable in God’s eyes,” and am content in what is “reasonable” in my eyes.

Our Price!
We must realize that long before you and I were ever considered, the price of our salvation had already been paid in Christ. If you do not already possess it, salvation is offered to you today as a free gift.

Finding Your Cross
When our thoughts turn to Easter, what can we set our mind to that would be greater benefit that to build our thoughts on what meaning the cross bight have for each one of us.

Your Christmas Light
The Christmas light tells me of the purpose of a Saviour. He came as a light shining forth into a world that is black with sin. So let our lights shine for Jesus!

Born In A Manger!
If you look at the story of Christ, or even at a nativity scene, and ask the following: how, when, where, who, what and why. As you ask these questions, you will discover God’s plan for man-kind

The Orphaned Queen
Taken from the Book of Esther describing how an orphan in a exile became Queen of a great empire, and how God directed all along the way!

When The Fulness Of Time Was Come
Christmas this year has been an experience like no other. Mandatory mask wearing,virtual Christmas services online, and yet leaving a greater desire to be more caring for thosearound us. May we remember the greatest gift came "In The Fulness of Time.

“Serving God!”
My life experiences as I reflect early Sunday morning.