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Poems by Harold Hull

Bless America
A tribute to America and her founders, a warning of the current societal upheavals, and a plea to God for mercy and deliverance

He That Winneth Souls Is Wise
A poetic rendering of the proverb "He that winneth souls is wise.

Christmas All Year Long
A simple "How To" celebrate Christmas year round.

A personal expression of thankfulness and praise to our loving God.

The Thrush Still Sings first in poetry contest
Words of encouragement during stressful times.

Morning Devotion
Greeting the new day with words of worship for the Creator.

God Went Fishin' finalist in poetry contest
A light look at the story of Jonah

Love And Grace
The power of God's love and grace to cleanse and save.

Christmas Day
A short poem on the meaning of Christmas.