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Poems by J L Powell

My Family winner of poetry contest
I hope we all understand just how much we need family.
Don't tell them Jesus loves them
Telling people that Jesus loves them is pointless unless you are willing to show them, too. Dedicated To All Those Who Want Revival Fire To Come Into Their Lives & Into The World.
Jesus loves the little children
Are we loving & teaching our children the way Jesus would? Dedicated To All Those Precious Ones Whom God Has Given The Parents Charge Over......May We Learn How To Lead.
My Son
All fathers teach their sons a lot, but do they teach them what matters. Dedicated To All Those Fathers Who Love Their Sons So Much That They Cannot Possibly Even Begin To Understand How GOD Can Love Them Even More.
Daddy's Little Girl
I had a car wreck a while back & It really made me Think....Here is one of my thoughts Dedicated To All Those Precious Ones Who Count The Days Until That Glorious Reunion On The Other Side.... And Live A Life To Insure That Reunion !!
We need to know what true riches are before we can find them.
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