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Poems by Jaelyne Lamb

Daddy, Daddy
A poem to my alcoholic dad. The picture represents the picture of Jesus knocking at the door. There's no doorknob on the outside only inside. Daddy represents my dad and Father represents God.

When I rededicated my life to Christ, I couldn't quite wrap my head around his mercy and grace. I still can't but I'm grateful and this is my attempt at showing Him thankfulness.

3 am I awoke out of a dead sleep with one word resonating in my head. "AWAKE!" I grabbed a sketch pad and frantically scribbled down the words rushing through my head not truly aware of what I wrote. I know it was from God.

I was sitting at the airport at 6 in the morning and I saw everyone in a hurry bustling around. No one was smiling, no one greeted anyone else. They all looked hopeless until I saw one smiling little boy and realized there is still hope.