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Poems by Janette Lueveen

God wants us to encourage one another. Do not however mistake flattery for encouragement. Some use flattery for their own purposes. Do not grieve for friendships which do not produce faithfulness.
As we walk through the necessities and trials of life, let us remember at the end of the day, The Lord is our source of comfort.
As spring approaches, new life springs forward. The power that awakens this new life, can also bring new life to the soul that lies dead in sin. Someday soon, we who have been awakened will join together and glorify the name of Jesus
Embrace His Cross
Have courage friend, for although the secular world's hate for us is growing, we can bear our yoke with joy -- for this life is a temporal please acknowledge authorship if used
The Lord Is Coming
Christ said no one but the Father knows the hour, but that those who are His could discern the season if watchful. Look up for our redemption is near. please acknowledge authorship if used
My Midnight Journey
In the winter of our life, we can have confidence that Christ knows the journey we have traveled and will give us the faith and courage to continue, even on unknown paths. We need only reach out and take His hand. please acknowledge authorship if use
The Christmas Tree Means This To Me
Is is a Holiday Tree or a Christmas tree? A few demand an Atheist Tree. Christians know it is a Christmas Tree.
Greater Than Santa
Teaching children the true meaning of Christmas, and how to discern the difference between TRUTH and pretent, is the most important thing we can do.
THE CHRISTMAS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW winner of poetry contest
As the Christmas season approaches, we get so caught up in the decorating and parties, we often forget that Christ's love was not meant to be exclusively held in our little circles but was to reach out and draw in the least of us.
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