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Poems by John Miles

'Is God good?;
It is amazing how Africans keep their faith strong in the face of the suffering and tragedies they so often face. The true events in this poem illustrate this point
In times like these
God meets people where they are, even if their motives are wrong. Such is His grace.
Come Lord
Impatience for the coming of the next age is quite scriptural, but seeing this present world with its unspeakable sorrows, we wait.
A Widow's Song
When a friend loses their spouse, it is hard to imagine their pain or to enter into what their thoughts might be.
The Cross
Trying - inevitably in vain - to understand something of the depth of the cross.
Victoria Street Gospel Hall
What makes a once thriving church decline? This poem attampts to address the issue.Note: I'm sure that there will be one or more Victoria Streets somewhere with a Gospel Hall in it. However, I do not know any of them and this poem is not about any par
Matchstick man
Has the media given us 'compassion fatigue' for the suffering of Africa and war refugees worldwide?
Beware of the Box
It is recognised as a major social problem, that many parents hardly talk to their kids or even each other. They watch the TV! Christian families above all, need to be different.
For many people, growing old is depressing and even fearful. In Christ we have peace about the future.
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