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Poems by Joy Wieters

Swashbuckling Faith
I wrote this after watching Pirates of the Caribbean. We all have storms of life and sometimes it seems we're kneeling on our ship and the devil's in our face, taking over. But our 'swashbuckling faith' keeps us alive. :-)

The Silence
I was in Los Angeles, on the YWAM base and staring into the eyes of Mexico- our mission for this mission trip. We were having quiet time, and this is what came into my head.

Sunday School Answers finalist in poetry contest
I realize this may be stepping on some toes :-), but I'm frusterated that teens are able to give answers in Sunday School and Bible Studies are MOSTLY trivia. Yes, memorize the Bible. But what good does it do you if you never memorize WHY?

My Friends finalist in poetry contest
I've been the underdog for years. This is my story; how I got out.

With all my treasured burdens, I cannot move around. I will do no more good, Till I stop and lay them down.

We are People
If we are divided by all the differences in the world - remember this: We are People.

America was built on heroes, and I challenge us all to both be the hero and thank the hero. I wrote this after hearing Palin's acceptance speech. There's common ground between us, however we're divided, and it's within America and Church.

This poem describes the ups and downs of life, and the stages of growing up, from my perspective.

This is Home
There is a new song by Switchfoot that plays on the credits of Prince Caspian called "This is Home". I didn't like it at first because this (earth) ISN'T my home, but my friend said to think of it as heaven. My home is in God's presence - everywhere