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Poems by Kayla Smith

Letting Go
If we want God's help we have to surrender our control to Him. Die to ourselves. Let go.

Tattoo ♥
Not matter what God is always with us just like a tattoo.

Sometimes we feel like God isn't there and it would just be easier to go on living without Him, but that couldn't be farther from the truth...

Ode to God's Beautiful World
You can see God's beauty all around. Just open your eyes and your heart to Him.

Lost & Found
Return to God before the end of the race...

Never Forsaken
Satan and his demons will tell you anything to get you to walk away from God. Hold on tight to His love and mercy, but if you do fall He'll always take you back.

You Took My Place
Jesus went through everything on the cross just for you.

Praise You Through My Pain
God will speak to you if you just talk to Him. He can get you through anything you're going through.