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Poems by Kevn Smead

A Birth So Momentous
When we read the Christmas story in Luke chapter 2 we are reminded that the birth of Jesus Christ is the most momentous birth in history. The words of the angels come down through the ages and encourages our faith, and challenge us to go the Savior.
Glory Awaits Us
Scripture is clear that we are saved by grace. Those who trust Christ will go to heaven be there good works many or few. Nevertheless, Scripture is also clear that this life is our opportunity to lay up treasures in heaven. God will reward His servants.
The Blessing of John 3:16
John 3:16 is one of the most well known verses and it provides much comfort to the weary soul. Here we find out how deeply we are loved, and how simple and how glorious salvation through Christ really is.
Unwavering Grace
Though our performance is up and down, and none of us can live as we desire, the faithfulness of our loving Savior will see us through to the end.
The Godless Journey
Many people seek to live their life without God. This is a life without real meaning, purpose, or hope. Thoughtlessly they stumble into the night. Of course, someday we will all be confronted with truth. Blessed are the one's who turn to Him now.
Glorious God
Every day I see more and more that I am nothing without help from above. Thankfully, God is always there to receive our praise, answer our prayers, and give us the provision that we so desperately need. Truly our God is glorious.
The Names of God
I have often received much comfort for my soul while meditating upon the various names of God in Scripture. These names of God, when thoughtfully considered, can be very instructive and uplifting for any believer.
Tribute to Norman Geisler
i saw the news today (7/1/2019) that Norma. Geisler, the great Christian apologist, had died. I thought it only fitting to write this simple poem in tribute to his legacy and testimony of faith.
Rest in Him
Saint Augustine once said, “Our hearts are restless till they rest in Him.” Those words inspired me to write this poem. I have also included his words in the third line of the third verse.
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