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Poems by Kristine Stanton

poem count: 102 | pages: 12 | second place: 2 times | finalist: 33 times
We all hold secrets, but one day they will be revealed.

Fragile Jar of Clay
Our Father is the Potter who molds and shapes us, and Jesus is the Light that shines inside of us.

Be Still
Trust the Lord for all your life's travels and He will show you a path He designed for you to follow - one marked by signs from His Son.

Jesus Set Me Free
Praises to Jesus for paying the price for wrongs and for being set free from burdens that imprison one's soul.

The Ten Commandments
Our hand have five fingers, which totals ten in all, and each finger may help to serve as a reminder of the Ten Commandments--one finger for each Commandment.

The Narrow Path
It's a narrow path that leads to Heaven's Gate, and when we seek the Lord, He will lead us with His staff and rod to make our path straight.

This poem describes the different season created by God.

Christ Jesus is Our Shepherd
Jesus is our Shepherd who watches over us and leads us to and through the Gate of Salvation.

Can You Imagine
When you think of Jesus do you envision a King who could give sight to the blind - One who would serve and not condemn - a King brutally beaten and crucified - one who who would give His life for woman and man? Do you know of this King who is so grand?