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Poems by Lanette Kissel

Never Too Late
This poem is just a reminder that it's never too late to decide to turn your life around.

My pastor, Ken Idleman, gave a sermon recently from Chapter 24 of The Story, which is entitled No Ordinary Man. Ken stressed that Christ has dominion…over disaster, demon’s disease, and death. His sermon inspired me to write this poem.

Face-off with a Giant
I have always loved the story of David and Goliath. In this stress-filled world, we all have our giants to slay.

Take a Stand
I hope we all will have the courage to stand up for what and who we believe in, Jesus Christ our savior.

Infinite Faith
My faith is stronger since I went through my husband's cancer experience for three years till his death a year ago. But I desire to see my faith grow stronger yet, a never ending process.

A Line in the Sand
I have always liked the mental image of Jesus drawing a line in the sand. This poem speaks of a line between evil and good.

Who is in Control?
I am taking a refuge class at my church entitled Between Heartache and Joy. One of the chapters written by our teacher, David Winenger, is entitled Loosening Your Grip. It inspired me to write this poem about letting God take the controls in our lives.

The Good Shepherd
I have always loved the concept of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Mary Magdalene, For a Woman Like Me
This is the second and final in the Mary Magdalene series. It places her at the foot of the cross.