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Poems by louis gander

Unequaled Thrill 12-8-18 second in poetry contest
Sometimes words just fall short, but we keep writing because God- and His message- is worth it.

Hay Ride first in poetry contest
Have you ever been on a real hay ride in December? Well hop on, let's go!

Mighty One, The
God's great love is difficult to explain with mere words.

Proud To Follow
We have no one to follow except God or self.

That Special Boy
This poem's for that special boy I'll never see again;..

Oh To Be A Butterfly
The wonders of God's creation are amazing...

Walkin' On Water second in poetry contest
You either have faith in yourself and you own little world - or you have faith in Jesus and His Will. You can only choose one.

A Beautiful Rose second in poetry contest
We all have regrets and a past we cannot change - and while sin can be forgiven, the pain from the results is oftentimes brutal.