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Poems by louis gander

My Cheap and Paltry Skies
Priorities for us and our empathy for the One who is most deserving.

If I Was Jesus finalist in poetry contest
If it came right down to it, could I really have behaved as well as Jesus?

At Weakest Point finalist in poetry contest
So why has time come to a stop, in this, my darkest hour?

Jesus Blessed finalist in poetry contest
Is one of God's gifts more or less important than another.? God blesses us all and loves us all the same.

It's Not Fair first in poetry contest
Life is not always fair. Sin hurts... deeply.

With Life Anew finalist in poetry contest
Peer pressure, friends, fellow employees and even family - don't allow them to draw you from God.

Seasons second in poetry contest
Death, Life, Work & Love / Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn...

Rev. Billy Graham, The
Through the eyes of a little boy....