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Poems by louis gander

He Showers Me
A promise is forever but words so quickly fade...
A Lonely Poem
A lonely poem that needs to be read.....
Ball Of Fuzz winner of poetry contest
My eyes in blur, saw something stir. I raced outside to see. It was a sight. I held it tight and said, "You're safe with me."
Cabin Of Logs
As days would wind down the chill would set in. I'd gather up good burning wood. So many old thoughts would go through my head that only my God understood.
Giving Is Joy winner of poetry contest
Finding the best in the worst situation.
I'm Ready, You Bet!
We often think that we follow Jesus. But do we?
A Great Big Heart
Here sitting on an old park bench, I watched the folks walk by. They scurried here and scurried there for something else to buy.
You Know Me Well
A poem about a poet who is in a writing slump...
Come With Me
To be Christlike is to be more loving, more respectful, more understanding and more patient.
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