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Poems by louis gander

This Mother's Day
Give any lonely mom you find God's love this Mother's Day.
Rose-petal Mother
A Mother's Day Poem.
Mister Dirt
Have you met someone like Mr. Dirt before - and how did you treat them?
Give Us Barabbas!
Why were the people so angry at Jesus - and wanted Barabbas set free?
Passed Quietly, the Waters By winner of poetry contest
Most people just don't get it. A few do.
Forgiveness Undeserved
Forgiveness & hope.
My Beautiful Friend
Oh, why do you tease me, my beautiful friend? Oh, why do you keep me 'at bay'? I try and I try to get closer to you, but you keep on moving away!
As I Wandered
It didn't take very long for me to understand...
He Showers Me
A promise is forever but words so quickly fade...
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