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Poems by louis gander

ALL Children
"Please help the little children Lord. Bless each and ev'ry one..."
Treasure all that God has given- but there is one thing we should never treasure...
In Your Heart
The physical and spiritual seem much too far apart, but you will know that it's all true...
Your Great Reward
If you think you have it bad...
The Master Poet
Became a nightmare from a dream, "Give us Barabbas!" was the scream. If I was in that crowd that day, would I have fought or run away?
His Miracles winner of poetry contest
If, on this paper, I could pen just one of God's creations then, it'd prove to all, His mighty hand, His miracles on sea and land.
The Pretty Purple Blossom
The majority of apple trees have white/pink blossoms, but not the crab tree which often has purplish/red. "The pretty purple blossom bloomed one sunny springtime day and as the others grumbled, this is what she had to say..."
A Snowflake
Born high inside a winter cloud, a snowflake I became. A snowflake small, defenseless and too poor to have a name. I opened up my naive eyes. I had so much to learn, but did not know the truth of life or which way I should turn.
When Fighting Hate
Support our forces, our veterans and those all those who volunteer to help and protect the "least of these". May we also love in the same way God so loves.
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