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Poems by louis gander

On Winds Of Time winner of poetry contest
If trees were poets and leaves were their poems...
Doug, the Bug
All winter he, in circles walked and aimlessly did roam. He shed such long repentant tears but couldn't find his home.
Arguing With Truth
People who believe what they want must argue with the truth.
How Beautiful! winner of poetry contest
When I breathe my last breath...
I Want To Share
Then through sins darkness, I had heard a key that seemed to cry. The lock had turned in agony but I had not known why...
These Two Short Words
Yes, you'll forget this little poem and soon forget the rhymes, and soon go back to other things and entertaining times. But don't forget these two short words...
His Stepping Stones winner of poetry contest
But splash! Face down I tripped and fell, then crawled out soaking wet. I trudged myself downstream a bit. His truth and my eyes met.
My Special Friend
Through harassment, handicaps, trials & troubles, who can we trust?
Fast Jack & Tom
A bit of humor with a moral to the poem...
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