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Poems by louis gander

Buried Treasure winner of poetry contest
I found a buried treasure map inside a dusty book. It showed the paths of journeys old. I took a closer look...
Problems Bigger Than Mine?
A flood of deep emotions came as I washed out to sea. And drifted off, was everything that I'll no longer see.
The Music Box winner of poetry contest
Beholding it for quite awhile, I cherished its antique-ish style. Can this old box, this afternoon, play once again, its pretty tune?
Without A Single Fear
God's answer was immediate as I searched deep inside...
Rev. Billy Graham winner of poetry contest
It seems like only yesterday when I was sitting there with black and white TV turned on where one man came to share...
Wish, the Fish #11 (love) winner of poetry contest
The doctor bills had taken all, so money? She had none. The off'ring plate had passed her by. but not her little son.
Not Me & Not You winner of poetry contest
Don't face it, ignore it, but life ends. It's true.
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