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Poems by Frankie May

poem count: 10 | pages: 2 | finalist: 1 time
The Father gave us His only son so that we who believe will be with Him forever.

The cross
In all our doubts and fears God is working His perfect plan.

The magic of Christmas
The ups and downs of 2020 and who the real healer is.

Mary's secret
The things Mary knew and keep hidden in her heart about the Christ child.

The Man in the middle finalist in poetry contest
I put myself at the foot of the cross, being transformed by the power of His love. How some can receive His love and forgiveness and how some don't. Luke23:26-49.

Unlike Judas, Peter went out and wept bitterly after he denied Jesus. Repentance causes us to change for the better. I wrote this after reading Luke 22:31-34 and verse 61,62.

Fairy Tales
Wishing things were perfect in this imperfect world and how God uses trials to teach us how to trust Him.

I chose you
When you feel you have no purpose in life, remember the great price that was paid for your life and how important you are.

When you are feeling all alone and no one seems to care. When you feel unimportant, and invisible. What we can do in our dessert times.