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Poems by Marion Caragounis

The Castaway
She was cast out of society, physically unclean. Jesus was her last resort, when she touched him she was healed and restored to a normal life.
Walk day by Day
Our Christian walk is a day by day intimate one. It has its ups and downs and we may be hard on ourselves when we fail. But the Lord is faithful and gives us a fresh start every morning.
The Walk of Faith winner of poetry contest
Once in a while we reach a point in our journey through life when we have to take a detour, a fork in the road that we have to take. A well known path must be left and an unknown one taken. Although courage may fail, faith will rely on the Lord.
Who could have guessed
He was just a baby born at a difficult time and in difficult circumstances. His mother gave birth to him far from home, He was born in a stable, laid in a manger and there was no one to welcome his arrival except a band of shepherds.
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