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Poems by Mark Henderson

poem count: 32 | pages: 4 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 6 times
To Err…
The poem tries to understand, biblically, a quote often used but misunderstood., “Too err is human. Too forgive divine”. It is often used as an excuse to sin and a reason not to forgive.

Christmas 2021: More than Plagues
A poem inspired on Christmas morning 2021

This Years Celebration
A poem in reflection on this years Memorial Day

Messiah Cries…For Me
A world lost in depravity does not hinder God but was the very reason for our Savior….redemption

Not Be Outdone
Why should the inanimate outperform those made in His image?

Some Days
Finding God in difficulties

I Run a Race
A poem for current times.

Take Me Lord
A poem about growing in Christ from time alone to time for n prayer to time in fellowship to time in mission

Lessons in Humility...and Love
A poem tha t came to my mind while watching dark, threatening clouds shifty roll by as I was praying about my need for humility.