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Poems by mark walters

Living Letters
We are written epistles, known of all men.
Mary's Joy
Mary was joyful at the news of her pending arrival, and so shoud we be.
Last Night in Sodom (Lot's Lament)
How would your last night in your hometown feel if you knew it would perish tomorrow?
Adulation and Praise
What the simple desire for confirmation in life can spawn. Here's where a little is good, but a whole lot more is not!
The Matrix
There's a matrix that surrounds the inhabitants of this world, that they don't even know exists.
The Timing of His Light
God uses a timing light to determine when we advance and fallback. Can you find it?
Anger Management 101
Where and how to find an escape from anger
Without a Doubt
What is faith, really?
A Personal Prayer to God
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