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Poems by Matthew Bokma

Love Poem
Love is not skin deep, lustful, vain...etc. Love is sacrifice for one another; love must reflect Christ's love. He is the epitome of Love. He sacrificed himself for those who didn't even deserve it. The metaphor can be seen as baking a cake.

His Children of the Morning Bright
This poem is about how the older ones failed to give direction to their children and how they are lost spiritually, clouded by the rudiments of man. God in His grace adopted the Children and saved them from the world.

Blessed Moonlight
This poem is an extended metaphor for God's revelations to us (represented by the moon) and how it is the light that directs our path (like moonlight) in this sin-darkened world. God's remnant points toward the second coming of Christ.

English Sonnet: Through the Asphalt Top second in poetry contest
I was walking along a sidewalk and I noticed little plants growing through the asphalt. Only the strength and care of God could do such a thing. This is an extended metaphor of how God allows and supplies the needs in order for our faith to grow.

Tis' Thy Signature
The body lasts a lifetime, the soul eternity. Tell me, what has more value?

Gracious Gift
I am pro life, the audience in this poem are the mothers who have a baby in the womb.