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Poems by Michael Brownlee

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The Hidden Manna in the Wilderness
Coming out of the wilderness! This poem I just wrote today after a few season(s) in the wilderness. It was a first for me since I got saved May 15th 2016.

"Tears of Joy"
A few months after I got saved one beautiful afternoon I wrote this at Bell Park by the waterSudbudy, Ontario CanadaI have never shared any of my poems online like this. This is the second one I post just recently but they were both written in 20

"Bring my soul out of prison"
I was guided to church May 15th 2016, God led me there, and had it all planned. Two elders sat at the back, I was by the back door able to make my escape if necessary. Never knew God, never read the Bible, never heard the Gospel til this Sunday evening..