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Poems by Nelita Anonuevo

poem count: 6 | pages: 1
Contented In Him
Knowing that Jesus loves and cares for me deeply and unconditionally at all times, in all circumstances brings contentment to my heart.

The Good and Bad of Covid-19
Covid brought misery to many but it also brought valuable lessons to some.

Autumn Has Arrived!
Always in awe of the stunning colors of Autumn that display God’s beauty and creativity.

From Revenge To Forgiveness
I was held captive by unforgiveness for years. The road to healing and freedom was long and not easy. Humbled by His grace, I was able to overcome hatred and found freedom in forgiveness.

Everlasting Love
After experiencing a heartbreak, I finally realized it’s only God’s love that lasts. His. love is like no other - unfathomable, unconditional, eternal.