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Poems by Norman Wagoner

The Missing Peace winner of poetry contest
My dad and I enjoyed putting together puzzles. He passed away in June of 2012 and this reminds me of him and his life for Christ.
A Birthday Wish for Sue.
I want to wish my wife a happy birthday.
How Heavy is a Cross
"Take up your cross and follow Me."Each day. Some days, its heavy and crushing, somedays, light, but it is always there. Mine to bear with my Lords help.
How Should I Die winner of poetry contest
Do not be decieved. satan would scare you and have you think you will be alone. This is something I believe my Christ is going be there to hold my hand thru as well.
Let Christ My Focus Be winner of poetry contest
Spiritual warfare is real and everpresent.
Passing Time
Watching God in my life as life passes by.
When Heaven I Shall See winner of poetry contest
When I'm feeling tired and weighed down by this worlds struggles. Some day, Some day my Lord will come for me and take me home.
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