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Poems by Pat Gowdy

If God's word is not about anything else, it is most assuredly about change. We can't enter the Kingdom without changing. It was all made possible on Calvary.

When you see all of God's glory spread before your very eyes, knowing you have been chosen by him to come and feast at his table, you'll wonder why you ever wanted to stay in your old body in this corrupt and fallen world.

The day of God's total revelation to his children will most assuredly be a great and glorious day. Until that day comes we can live our lives in the joyful expectation that we have been promised the Kingdom, one day soon.

STUFF second in poetry contest
God is constantly pouring out his blessings upon his children. We sometimes become so preoccupied with his, "stuff,' that we take it all for granted. He gave me this little poem as a wake-up call when I had fallen, yet again,into ungratefulness.