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Poems by Patricia Joan Polhans

Christmas Tears
I wonder if God cried when he sent his only little child to die on the cross!

The New Kid on the Block
This poem talks about a new kid(Jesus) on the block. It's an imaginary picture about him hanging out with gangs on the streets and preaching to them.

In His Image
When you gaze into a mirror do you see Jesus or sinful man? Are you daily being changed into his likeness?

The Cathedral
In our hearts is where the Savior lives. Christ sits upon the throne of our hearts!

He Can!
God's power is so great he can change a sparrow's flight to an eagle's. There's nothing he cannot do!

Memories on Canvas
This poem was written for a very lonely man who is having his very first Christmas alone. Mother is in the hospital with Alzheimer's and the rest of the family have forsaken him. My heart was so stirred for him that I had to write this poem to give him.

I Would Rather
I'd rather be a servant and doorkeeper in the house of my God than to ever miss heaven.

Pearl of Great Price
Sometimes we try to "clean our selves up" before we come to God but we need to realize that God loves us just the way we are: broken, battered or torn he loves us anyway and we are his pearl of great price!

Sometimes people seem bound with things from the past that seems keep them spiritually bound. This poem relates it to a butterfly in a cocoon. Then the Lord comes along and changes them into a beautiful butterfly.