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Poems by Pearl Leona Sturgis

poem count: 217 | pages: 25 | first place: 2 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 62 times
The Truth Won't Change
I wrote this a while back and I remember it being on the church bulletin board i visited back then.

Christmas Inspirations
I wrote this poem this morning thinking about Christmas season coming up and how commercial it has gotten.

Grandma the Great
I wrote this just this morning sitting alone in my front yard swing. I haven't been inspired to write for a while.

July Again
I wrote this last year on the anniversary of my husband's death. another year has passed and now it is July again.

It's What He has Done
I wrote this today from yesterday's message at church.

The Heart of God
I wrote this Oct 4, 2007...Today I found it in my notes.

Bound to Win
From reading stories in the old Testament I was inspired to write this about their journey of faith.

I'lll Be Looking For You
I just wrote this today. I was thinking about deep conversations on face book, People I may never meet in person.

Unfinished Patch Work Quilt
I was baby sitting my Granddaughter and we were coloring in the map of the United States. Her parents picked her up before we finished. That inspired this poem with corruption in the government.