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Poems by rhymarhyma

Anything... winner of poetry contest
The liar is ever so clever. I must keep wearing the armor, yo. No doubt.
The tears of my future
Trippy dream I had about one of my kids having a dream about Christ. It was pretty cool.
I'd rather get ran over winner of poetry contest
Realization that Christ is the Father, and I am but their dad.
I am the world
So many things to keep us from the One that can save us. No doubt.
For every action there's a reaction. Sometimes not the one we want.
Almost free...almost me...
The Lord will get me there. True story, yo.
I know to be true
Every rhyme I write is a testimony to Christ's salvation. From God's whispering lips to my fingertips. No doubt.
you are safer here with me
The world, if not prepared, can be a very scary place.
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