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Poems by Rob Dilworth

A Gift
This is a very personal poem about a prayer I prayed a year ago and how God answered that prayer.
God With Us winner of poetry contest
We destroyed what God had intended, a perfect loving relationship with him. He had to become one of us to fix it.
Satan's Shop'n
We aren't the only ones shopping this Christmas season.
The Prize winner of poetry contest
There is so much delicious food to eat on Thanksgiving Day, but my sights are always set on one goal.
Election winner of poetry contest
Election years are filled with stress, fear and uncertainty, but a Christian's hope isn't found in the one sitting in the White House.
Do You Know
We have so much knowledge these days right at our finger tips, but so many don't have the critical knowledge they need. They don't know their Lord and Savior.
Hamster's Wheel winner of poetry contest
We seem to always be in a hurry these days, chasing after dreams and desires that are so important to us at the time but in the end amount to nothing.
A Dream winner of poetry contest
I wrote this poem during a time of discouragement when my hopes and dreams were running thin. But God, as always, gave me a ray of hope and this poem is the expression of that hope.
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