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Poems by Robert Deimel

Lament Poem
This is a prayer for people who have been frustrated because their prayers have not been answered -- or it seems that way.
Shepherd Poem
I am a sheep in Jesus Christ's flock, and I am speaking.
A Christmas Star
This is a poem about the star which appeared above Bethlehem, guiding the wise men toward the Christ child.
The Spires of Malta
During World War II, the tiny British colony of Malta was bombed more than any other place on Earth. The spires on top of the many churches there witnessed horrible devastation and also the heroic defense of these tiny islands. A tribute to Malta.
A Christmas Thought winner of poetry contest
Here, the author is reflecting on the radical change during his lifetime on how signs of Christmas have disappeared from American public life. Feel free to use this poem; please include the author's name. Thank you. Robert Deimel
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