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Poems by Robert Hedrick

In The Beginning God
God spoke and His creation begin to appear and He provided man a book to inform him of the things God would allow to happen down through the times!

It Was The Day Before Christmas
The greatest birth on earth!

Truth is, only God has complete control of life. Only God, through Jesus, can offer the sin forgiveness that puts us on the path to heaven! Hallelujah. on the path to heaven.

Triumph Over Trouble
Troubles come through our life time and they can be expected. Knowing The One to call on gives the peace needed to overcome these and cause our relationship with God to grow.

Getting There
Most of those little things in life doesn't mean a lot. It's what we do in our relationship with God that strengthens our testimony.

The Paradise Path
God gives everyone a choice of whom they will serve. It will either be Him or Satan. There are two paths we can follow. One leads to paradise, the other to hell.

God Is Able
God's promise is that He will take care of all who trust and have faith in Him. I learn daily that this is a fact.

A Life Changing Journey
Only Jesus can change a life to make it what God would have it be, just as He did with The Apostle Paul.

Daily Sunshine
Not every day brings sunshine in our lives for some bring problems and heartaches. Yet our faith can become stronger on any day.