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Poems by Robert LaBarge

poem count: 7 | pages: 1 | first place: 1 time | second place: 1 time | finalist: 3 times
Holy Spirit Power
Talking about the Holy Spirit

Be Born Again
From the third chapter of John

Tongues Of Fire second in poetry contest
From Acts, chapter 2.

Shoe Box II
Praying for unsaved family members.

What Awaits The Saints In Glory first in poetry contest
One time I was in a stadium with 30,000 others, all praising the Lord. It was fantastic. Yet I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like to called to an even greater assembly before the King of Glory, praising Him with the multitudes.

I conduct driving tests, mostly for adults. Without much prompting I might hear a person's life story. Sometimes I offer a little advice. Sometimes I ask if I can pray for them. Mostly, I just listen.

Clay Pots finalist in poetry contest
At the end of every church service we have ministry teams available to pray for people's needs. Others gather before the service to pray and seek God's direction. This poem is based on an impression that one woman shared about hurts that God could heal.