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Poems by Sammy Lykens

I Am Not Alone
This is a poem to remind us as Christians, We are never alone.

In His Time
This is a poem about prayer. When we pray and have concerns...just give them over to God..and wait on his answer, and it will come in His Time.

This poem encourages all of us to simply share a smile or kind word.Amen.

There's Still Time For A Miracle
This poem is to let you know: Miracles still happen in Jesus name.Amen.

Truth The Life The Way
This poem is written to let you know there is truth is God's Holy word and he will never leave or forsake his children. Take courage today my friend for he is Truth The Life The Way.Amen.

When We Question Why
This poem is to uplift and encourage all who are burdened and distressed with life's situations. Let this poem be a little spiritual vitamin for you today.God Bless.

An inspirational poem about redemption in Jesus Christ

What A Day May Bring
A poem that makes you think of what a day may bring in your life...we never know do we...?

All Heaven Will Be Mine
An inspirational poem about Heaven