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Poems by Tamara Beryl Latham

The Shroud of Turin (Sonnet)
The faithful still believe the Shroud is Christ's burial cloth. Each day, with additional testing, the Shroud is proving to be authentic.

The Prophecy
The subject of this poem is the end of time.

The Trinity - E = mc^2 (Sonnet)
The Trinity, E = mc^2 (Three separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead)where Energy = God, mass = Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit = (Speed of light)^2Copyright # Pau 2-098-293 "The Trinity," dated June 17, 1996and PAu 3-141-023, 8/13/2

Bless the Table
A prayer before eating

Veronica - Villanelle first in poetry contest
As Christ walked the path to the cross, Veronica pressed her handkerchief to His face leaving a lasting imprint in blood.

A sonnet-like poem about the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.