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Poems by Tracy A Andrews

poem count: 26 | pages: 3 | finalist: 2 times
Touching Abba's Heart
This poem can be read as a declaration of praise to God, it can be read as though from your heart.

In Identifying With Ruth
Reading the book of Ruth on Saturday morning, I started thinking how many ways I felt like Ruth. I'm glad she's in the Bible as it gives me hope.

Trusting Abba
When the world begins to get us down, we need to trust Abba. This is a poem prayer about trusting Abba.

Who Touched Me? finalist in poetry contest
This poem is based on Mark 5:24-34, and is the story of Jesus healing the woman with the issue of blood, but through her eyes.

Who Will Stand Up For These?
This poem came to me when thinking about the Abortion Bill slipped through government while the nation was distracted with Covid19.

Responding To God's Calling
Everyone has a special calling on their life, a call to follow Him in a way made just for them.

Spiritual Cords
Each of us have attachments, or cords, that are formed throughout our lives. This poem celebrates each of these, especially the cord between the Holy Spirit and us.

A Walk During The Pandemic
This poem appreciates the solitude of a lockdown walk..