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Poems by Warrior 4Christ

poem count: 27 | pages: 3 | second place: 1 time | finalist: 8 times
Let Earth's Pleasures Decay
Giving up the world's vain pleasures to follow Christ has eternal rewards, when we seek His fullness.

A Morning Born...
When my brother Sam committed suicide, I went thru horrendous grief, but Jesus walked thru the valley's night with me and brought me out to a New Dawn of hope and life. This was written 2 months after his death.

When The Bruising Comes
We all get bruised in life, but Jesus was bruised for our iniquities, and by His stripes we are healed. We can run to Him for liberty and healing today!

O That I May Please Thee
A personal heart-cry, seeking to grow more like Jesus, to love Him more.

My Christ, I Own Thee Mine
Desire to live like Christ in obedience, purity, and trust

When I Exchange Life's Rugged Cross
After all the battles of life are ended, the cross we carry daily will be laid down for Eternity's glory with Jesus

God's Honor Only
Asking God to take first place; yielding to Him for service that pride and vain-glory be slain.

The Cross
The Cross of Christ a place of safety

Even To This Mountain
As God led His children to the Promise Land, so He leads us to Heaven's Mt.Zion through the Mt. of Calvary