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Poems by Yee Ying Yeo

The Blessing
A short poem written in the wake of saddening and distressing events that have taken place in my community recently. To be loved by God is indeed to be truly blessed. Difficult times are opportunities for God's blessings to shine through.

The Victory of Men
My church has begun its study of the book of Exodus a couple of weeks ago, and I thought to put together a piece of writing on some of the lessons I had learnt together with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. John Rutter's music gave inspiration.

There Is No Want For Love
I was inspired to pen these words after hearing a church sermon in which the message preached was about how love is the universal language to communicate across all cultures and races in spite of their differences. Love unites the people of God.

A Poem Tribute to Mr Ravi Zacharias first in poetry contest
When I had heard the news that Mr Ravi Zacharias (a Christian apologist and defender of the faith) had passed away yesterday, I found myself moved to pen these words, which are laced with the sadness I feel and the lessons learnt from his ministry,

No Storm Is Too Great
A poem dedication to all people regardless of their religion in the face of our suffering and the difficulties of living in our present day. May we all draw our truest encouragement in such times from God alone.

For Love of A Saviour King
As the season of Lent spurs me into pensiveness over the love and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross and my appropriate response, here contains the musings and an expression of love because He first loved us that we love Him.

The Cross of Calvary second in poetry contest
A poem with a Calvary-centric theme written in worship and wonder at the goodness of God and all His promises theme and the remembrance to take up our cross daily and follow Him.

The Eternity of Music
This piece of writing emerged from my musing over the passage of time and the nature of music. The first and original song that was sung from the lips of God as He spoke the universe into being still sounds in its echoes that linger in us and in Him.

Psalm of Praise
A song of worship writ unto the Triune God, perfect in glory, majesty and power. Praise be to the only wise and loving God from everlasting to everlasting now and forever and ever!