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Don't End with Sometimes
Sometimes we get it wrong. Always His grace is ours. The idea for this poem came after reading Kristine Stanton's excellent poem entitled "Sometimes" which can be found on ChristArt.

The Power of Words
Words have great impact. Words are the overflow of our hearts. We need to fill our hearts with God's goodness.

A poem about what makes up the Bible and how it is a treasure that will last forever.

Forgetting Who God Is
We often forget who God is. When faced we struggles and trials, do we remember all that God is - Do we recognise The father heart of God. This poem is a sequel to the poem "Who God Is"

The Wounded Man
A lot of men are struggling alone and in despair. This poem gives us a message of hope that can be found even in the midst of our pain.

Sad Song?
If the atheist is wrong, and God exists, they have lost everything when they die. If the Christian is wrong, and God doesn't exist, they have lost nothing when they die.

A short poem that discusses extraordinary/unexplainable events and the purpose of God's miracles.

Judge & Jury
The poem discusses how God will judge us as we judge others.

The Saint And The Neophyte
A fictional poetic tale about the three Magi, the birth of Jesus, and the journey of Alphaeus, father of Matthew, and his son!.

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