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this is an acrostic of my name. Why not try one with your or afriends name.
After the Rain
A conservation poem.
When you wander off.
My God is not a Racist
We are all equal in the Father's eyes no matter what the color of our skin. And we shall all live together in heaven in perfect harmony.
Shattered Dreams
It is so easy to be fooled into thinking the fast lane of life, means 'we've made it big.' All to often it leaves us with shattered dreams, and broken, ruined lives.
Who�s Image
It is so important that we live the Gospel, as well as tell it. God needs his children to be the gospel in action as much as in words.
Sonnet of Grace
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...
Boxing Day 2004. (The Tsunami)
You may be unfamiliar with the term Boxing Day. In England the title is given to tne day after Christmas day. On the day in question, I was listening to early morning radio. The reporter said, "Some were asking where is God" What might an O.T.prophet s
Simplewinner of poetry contest
Let Him work.

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