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Comforting & Joyous Poems

Thank You, Jesus
I cannot explain enough my heartfelt thanks to the Lord, who has answered my heart's deepest prayer. It was a year in the making . . . but, He is faithful till the end!
Love's Sweetest Song
The one thing that gives us the greatest joy, is the most horrendous experience one could ever endure, and yet Jesus willingly endured the cross for us that we might be able to sing, Love's Sweetest Song.
For Every Beginning
He is there for you from the beginning to the very end.
Psalm 100 and 101--An Exhortation to Worship and Faithfulness
In Psalm 100 the Psalmist calls the people to worship God. In Psalm 101 he calls for faithfulness.
Life Rocks
As my father died of cancer, I wanted to write a poem as a Christian inspirational piece regarding this battle.
Jesus Is My Happy Place
For my hope is in Him and Him alone!
Good Morning Joy
Just as God promised . . .
When God comes into our life, the stress of of the world becomes easier to deal with.