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Poems About Family

My Child
A poem about how parents feel taken for granted, yet by their love they echo Christs grace.
My Desire
Description of the birth of my son who turned out to be my daughter
The Missing Peacewinner of poetry contest
My dad and I enjoyed putting together puzzles. He passed away in June of 2012 and this reminds me of him and his life for Christ.
The Seasons Follow
I was missing a loved one when I wrote this. I was thinking how the Lord comforts you in sorrow with his changing seasons in life.
Little Tom's Question
The time we spend with our children is more important than the expensive things that we buy for them.
Apron Stringswinner of poetry contest
Remembering mom and some of my childhood...
I wrote Farewell when my sister moved to WVA on the mountain in 70s. Mary Libby died in February 2009. I found this old poem today to read in memoir class. I couldn't hold back the tears.
To Be Like Me
Do you want your children to grow up to be just like you?
Till Time Stands Still
I wrote this after the death of my husband because of a dream I had that seemed so real.