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Poems About Family

Thanksgiving's Coming
Remember to thank God for your many blessings every day of the year!
The One
I see many adult children caring for aged parents or a friend in need. It is hard but it is surely in God's Word. And sometimes we are called to be the "one"
Bitter Slave
I know family can hurt family, but in the end there's usually a lot of regret for the years lost. Jesus say's if we don't forgive, we're not forgiven.
The Borrowed Gift
We have all been hurt by a loved one. I have come to know that God is the only permanent in our life. People will always fail, but He will never fail us. He is always right by our side.
In My Neighbor's Eyes
If I could see me through my neighbor's eyes, just what kind of neighbor would I see.
The Human Heart
I miss the voice and the touch of another human being. Now, texting and emailing have taken the place of personal expressions that mean so much. The touch...
Good-Bye For Now
I wrote this the day before my Grandmother's funeral and read it during her services.
A Mother's Prayer
A poem for my Children
For the Love of Jeffery Rentz
A 17 year old young man has befriended me from Baton Rouge. A couple weeks ago he sent me roses. He calls me Mawmaw. He is such a Godly child. I did absolutely nothing for his love. God speaks so tenderly through my precious friend, Jeffery.