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Poems About Family

This Mother's Day
Give any lonely mom you find God's love this Mother's Day.

A Boy Stood on an Elephant
This poem is about letting boys dream.

Rose-petal Mother finalist in poetry contest
A Mother's Day Poem.

Bitter Slave
I know family can hurt family, but in the end there's usually a lot of regret for the years lost. Jesus say's if we don't forgive, we're not forgiven.

We should remember to love our parents who brought us into this world and provided for all our needs until we became of age. Our very survival depended on them when we were young so love God them and remember them always..

At Jesus' Feet
In loving memory of Vivian M. Annis. Beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother; without her 40 years of prayers for me, I may never have been saved. Love you and miss you, Grammie... See you soon!

A Father's Day Poem
A poem that describes what a real man is. A Message for Men.

Who is your brother or sister?
All of us are came from Adam and Eve so we are all related to each other no matter what color of our skin or where we live. We should treat each other well and with respect.

I'm Glad I'm Me
Thanks for a happy life

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