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Poems About Family

This was written for my teenage son who as most with teenagers can testify, trials come in the teenage years. Sometimes I long for him to be a little boy again...
Dad My Lighthouse
Good Christian dad's mean more than they know.
by ann
Grandma's Place
Remember Grandma's Place?
True Love in Him Prevails
He trusts her with his heart;He thinks of her all day.He prays for all her needs;And leads her in God’s way.
My Sweet Red Rose
This poem was written for my sister after deciding to go her separate way.
Father To Be
The precious gift of a child
Penny's Birthday Poem
Sad but true story about a sister whom I have not seen for several months because She's chosen the path of unforgiveness and anger. This was written on her birthday. We must choose forgiveness if we want our Heavenly Father to forgive us!
Beware of the Box
It is recognised as a major social problem, that many parents hardly talk to their kids or even each other. They watch the TV! Christian families above all, need to be different.
My Father
My Father in law left an impression on my heart.He has been a faithful Christian for years.When I married his son he immediately received me right into his own family calling me his own just as Christ received us. What love!Such I love I had never known!