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Poems About Family

Life Before Cell-Phones finalist in poetry contest
Family life is a whole lot different then it use to be . . .

By the Look in my Eyes
Fourth Christmas coming up without my husband and my lifetime best friend. I just wrote this today, November 29, 2011

Love is Forever
I first called this poem "Sisters are Forever" and sent it to my sister to make amends for an unimportant disagreement. Then on Valentines Day I changed title to "Love is Forever".

Good Morning Smile
I wrote this when Barbie, my 4th child was a baby. She is now a grandmother of 2. When she was just a few months old she would scream and when she saw me she would stop screaming and start smiling.

I wrote Farewell when my sister moved to WVA on the mountain in 70s. Mary Libby died in February 2009. I found this old poem today to read in memoir class. I couldn't hold back the tears.

The Door
There's a door that most mankind will never find -a special door that opens like no other kind.

Our Home
I wrote this years ago when six of us were home and too busy to enjoy time together

Our Swing finalist in poetry contest
The swing in our front yard was my husband's favorite spot. Now he is in Heaven. It's my favorite spot to be thankful for precious memories

Loving You
A beautiful love poem to share with the special someone you love so deeply and thank God for.

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