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Poems About Spiritual Growth

The Sower and the seed
Inspired by Matthew 13 : 1 - 23

Beware Of The Enemy
Beware of the devil

On sowing and reaping…
Inspired by Galatians 5 : 13 - 26 and Galatians 6 : 7 - 10

Lord Take Me Now and Use Mw
This poem is about Christian service to our Saviour Jesus Christ.

On His Account
Faith without God's works is dead. Sometimes all we can do is believe the Lord will act on His word. The end of the law is grace. That's where you find out who really can.

To Be Like You
To be like the Lord

Seasoned With Salt And Fire finalist in poetry contest
Mark 9:49 says "For everyone shall be seasoned with fire, and every offering shall be seasoned with salt. I was dwelling on this Scripture and studying around the subject and the words. These are my resulting thoughts.

Serving God
So many ways of deception can lead us away from truth. God is merciful as He guides us on His path for us

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