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Poems About Spiritual Growth

I Wonder
This poem is a reflection of someone stuggling with their Spiritual growth. She wants to do everything to please God but this world is constantly trying to pull her in.

Follow God's Plan
Following the Lord's plan

Through Him I am strong
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Blind Faith
This poem is a testimony as well as an anthem and meant to encourage. It speaks on the failures and successes in the process of my journey as a seeker, believer and follower of Christ. It contains scripture, lyrics and rhymes

Look To God
Look to the Lord

Walk Faithfully
Walk faithfully with the Lord

The Ripple Effect
The lavish promises are the ones given to us by God. We need God to help us to choose wisely and to give us the strength to change what we do – for what we do will surely change us (and those around us) Either in a negative or positive way

Spiritual growth

The Pharisee Within
This poem looks at our motives. So often our attitudes can be about self even when exploring our Christian walks. Time to reflect honestly with God and realize He is all we need.

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