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Poems About Spiritual Growth

Be Perfect . . .
It is my goal to strive towards perfection.
Let Him in.
I am A Work in Progress
. . and there still is a lot of work for God to do!
Stand For What's Right
It is not easy to take a stand for what is right when others around us do not, but we need to please God rather than men.
My Days are The Lords
He knows the number of days and years He has planned for my life may I bring Him honor and glory while I live them out.
Was Not Jesus Our Example?
If He was then why are we not following it???
Mustard Seed.
From tiny seeds.
Good Bye To Guiltwinner of poetry contest
The struggle with guilt and shame over past sin is the work of our enemy and must be defeated!
Let Others See Your Light
Christians should live their lives so that others may see the Light of Jesus shining through them.